Mobile Home Park FAQ

How many people live in mobile and manufactured homes in the United States?

Over 22 million people live in over 10 million mobile and manufactured homes.

Are there advantages to owning a mobile home as opposed to renting an apartment or home?

Yes, when your purchase a mobile home you own an asset that you can sell. When you rent your entire rental payment goes to the landlord for them to use to pay for the apartment or home you live in, and they own. With a mobile home purchase each monthly mortgage payment includes a portion for purchase of the home (building your equity) and a portion for the interest on your loan (which is likely tax deductible, see below). Better yet, your mortgage payment and space rent may be less than what you are paying in rent for an apartment or home. And with a mobile home you are no longer sharing walls with your neighbors. 

Is there a tax advantage buying a mobile home?

Most likely there is. A mobile home purchase is like any home purchase in that the mortgage interest is deductible and can reduce your taxable income. Please talk with your accountant or tax specialist for how this would apply in your exact situation. Keep in mind that rent is not deductible.

Are owners satisfied with their purchase of a mobile home?

Yes, most are. In two recent studies it was found that 9 out of 10 of mobile home owners are satisfied with their housing choice. These numbers were even higher for those with new homes. These owners see great value in their mobile home purchases.

Do mobile homes have to meet any quality or codified standards?

Yes, new manufactured homes are built to meet U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Code. This code regulates the design, construction, strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and durability of mobile homes. In addition, it set standards for systems in the mobile home including; heating/cooling, electrical, and plumbing. During the manufacturing process inspectors insure that these standards are being followed. There are many Inspection Agencies that monitor construction of mobile homes as they are built in the factories. This is only true for mobile homes built after the HUD Code effective date of June 15, 1976.

Will I save money purchasing a mobile home compare to site-built home

Yes, mobile homes buyers typically save 15% to 40% over buyers of comparable site-built homes. Because new mobile homes are built in a factory the environment is controlled so many external costs can be eliminated. 

Are mobile homes friendly for the environment?

Yes, because mobile homes are built in a factory and under specific guidelines, the amount of waste in construction is significantly less. Moreover, excess materials can readily be recycled within the factory. Most new mobile homes come standard with energy efficient dual pained windows and insulation in the roof, floor and walls allowing the owners to reduce energy usage. 

Do all mobile homes look alike?

No, not generally. Although they may look similar in shape and certain dimensions, mobile homes can be uniquely yours by doing the same thing that is done with on-site homes; painting, changing siding, and adding features. Various siding materials can be used such as metal, vinyl, wood, or hardboard. Other features can include bay windows, a deck, carport, or even a fireplace. In addition, the owners can add awnings, enclosures, and patio covers to give their home a more unique appearance.

Can I customize the interior of the home?

Yes, like any home you can change cabinets, appliances, carpeting, and paint/wallcoverings. You may also be able to add sky lights, bay windows, or even a whirlpool tub.

Will a mobile home survive natural disasters like strong winds?

Yes, modern mobile homes are as safe as other homes. A properly installed mobile home can withstand 120mph wind gusts up to three seconds in duration.

Are maintenance costs higher for mobile home than an on-site home?

No, mobile homes generally require much less maintenance than on-site homes. 

What kind of people am I likely to have as neighbors?

More recent buyers of mobile homes tend to be younger and have attained a higher level of education than buyers a few decades ago. Most members of your mobile home community are likely to share your family’s interests. There are also a large percentage of retired persons that own mobile homes.

Are there other benefits to a mobile home?

Yes, some mobile home parks offer many nice amenities such as a playground, swimming pool, community center, and picnic area. In many mobile home parks there is a very strong sense of community among the residents.


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