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A Great Community For Discerning Residents


Simplify Your Life

A Great Community For Discerning Residents


All the Comforts of Home

For far less than you might expect

Welcome To Biscayne Bay Village

This community makes a great home for the discerning resident. Our manufactured home community provides you with parking in front of your home and a yard that you can beautify. You’ll have all the comforts of home for far less than you might expect. Simplify your life, stop by Biscayne Bay Village today and talk to our knowledgeable on-site staff about how all the benefits of joining our community today.

View our exclusive Move-In Bonus Special, to help you purchase your own home in our community!  Our goal is for you to own a home.  We do not charge commission fees. WE HELP YOU BY GIVING YOU THESE ITEMS FOR FREE!

Biscayne Bay Village


Moving Made Easy

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I bought a home from JRB Community. I can't believe I almost passed it up because I thought the deal was too good to be true. I'm so glad I have a home of my own!

Christopher R